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Tents Durban offers a wide selection of elegantly designed tents that are rich in style, design and quality. We understand that choosing the right tent for your function venue is key and planning an event in a hotel building will leave you with a lack of design layout. However we offer you the opportunity to create the best outdoor function with our spectacular tents. With a ton of customizable options like structure styles, décor and lighting, our tents are the perfect way to bring an indoor theme to your outdoor event. We are determinant towards offering quality in our products, in order to satisfy our valuable clients. Our products are ideal in quality and speak for themselves, as we allow you the option to customise your tents to suit your event.

Tents Durban offers you a selection of tents and tent accessories like Peg & Pole Tents, Frame Tents, Pagoda Tents, Stretch Tents, Aluminium Tents, Wedding Tents, Event Tents, Tiffany chairs, Plastic Chairs, Phoenix Chairs, Chanel Chairs, Wimbledon Chairs, Plastic Folding Tables, Steel Folding Tables, Mobile Chillers, Mobile Freezers, VIP Portable Trailer Toilets, Portable Toilets, Draping Material, Table Cloths and Chair Covers along with many more…


We the manufacturers of tents South Africa have acquired core capability in industrialized and dealing of high quality fabric and fabricate made-ups especially those of canvas and Aluminium. Our strong and uniform dealer and distribution network, we have registered a strong traction in global arena especially in the field of Tent manufacturer. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in the industry over the past 25 years. Together with our dedicated and expert staff and our delivery service we can assure you of the best service and total commitment in developing the most favourable solution to finishing your tent knowledge.

Tents Durban are the most reliable, one stop shop for all your tent and tent accessories. We offer a wide range of tents, which are ideal for a variety of events like weddings, exhibitions, outdoor activities, birthday party’s and many more. At Tents Durban we aim on providing the best quality tents to our clients, who are spread across the globe and are increasing day by day. Our low cost and low maintenance tents are very popular in the market and are made to suit your requirements.


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